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About PriVendo

competitive advantageDue to an increasing competitive pressure in the retail market, it is more and more important for retailers to create a great shopping experience for their customers. Therefore retailers initially need to know customer requirements. So far, time consuming and expensive research was needed to determine this information. This is why the new retail software PriVendo was developed. It counts customers at different times and places and determine how long they dwell at what place. With different reporting tools like heat maps or hot spots results are presented clearly. Based on this data customer needs can be identified quickly. Thus, you can optimize your store and gain a substantial advantage over competitors.

 Functions Button
  • People Counting
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Queue Management
  • Staff Planning
  • Reporting
  • Heat Maps
  • Hot Spots
  • And a lot more ...
 WhyPriVendo Button
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction 
  • Fullest Store Performance
  • Improved ROI within 2 Weeks
  • Clear Presentation of Results
  • Highly Customized Solution
  • High Security Level
  • And a lot more ...